Saturday, December 09, 2006

Yours is a Very Bad Hotel...

This is a story that is several years old, but still worthwhile reading. It is the story of a very bad experience two guys had at a hotel in Houston and the Powerpoint they created and distributed.

If you have Powerpoint or a Powerpoint viewer, you can find see an actual copy here:

It is a true tale. The Snopes entry confirming it has the backstory, other details, and a link to a non-powerpoint presentation that you can view (but use Internet Explorer if you do).

A Complaint is a Gift

Complaints are bad, right? Well, they are because someone is not happy about something. However, complaints are gifts because a customer is giving us an opportunity to take corrective action. This book (and the related 62 page booklet) discuss the value of complaints, how different kinds of customers respond to how a complaint is (or isn't) resolved and how to create a positive team culture in regard to complaints. The books should be available from major booksellers as well as directly from TMI (see links).

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy 5S-ing

What is 5S-ing? If you don't know, check out the link posted about it. If you do know and haven't done it yet, why not? Few are the people I have met who did need at least a little 5S-ing at least once a year. It is worth a few hours to do it. After doing it, you will save time over the long term by not having to spend so much time looking for stuff.