Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I have a work computer and a home computer, using the work computer every weekday at least and the home computer almost every day. I am just the kind of person that would benefit from a website like, which I learned about from

I tried it. It is great. I use it all of the time for work and personal "To Do" list items. The items can be arranged by relative importance and also by date. I can also tag them with labels, pick a location if I want, assign a time estimate and write a little notes if needed.

Tickler Files = 43 Folders

I started using tickler files after reading Getting Things Done several years ago. Actually, I did it before reading the book - I read a couple of articles of his on

A tickler file system has 31 folders (for days of the month), plus 12 folders for months of the year. That is where the popular GTD blog 43 Folders get's it's name. You can find a post on 43 Folders about the 43 folders here.

Using a tickler file has freed me enormously because once filed, I no longer have to think about the item until I need to.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Simple Truth of Service

Anyone who is in any way involved in customer service should see this.

(Thanks to CustomerAreAlways)