Friday, November 23, 2007

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnagie

I had this book for a few years before deciding to seriously go through it. I did that only recently and I am starting all over again. This is one of the suggestions in the chapter in the beginning of the book called "Nine Suggestions". Read that before starting the book.

The stories in the book are a bit dated, but the concepts are timeless. Time and time again I would pick up things that I could do or say that would help me. I can't think of anything that I read that violated my moral convictions, so long as I use the concepts in the book in the way they were intended to be used.

Mr. Carnegie cautions at various points that using the concepts to manipulate will not work. Some people will have to get used to the empathizing with others, with looking for the good in others, with not being selfish. That is a good thing and for some will be the true starting point.

A longer title for this book could be "How Avoid Alienating People that You'd Like to Win as Friends and How Not to Destroy Your Ability to Influence Others".

The book in paperback is widely distributed and less that 10 bucks.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Paper Airplane

From the same folks who gave us "The Simple Truth of Customer Service" comes this video based on Michael McMillan's book (which I have not read yet but really should). This about thinking outside the box, which even a customer service guy can use from time to time. See the video here.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Dip by Seth Godin

This is a small, short (76 pages) book written by a guy who writes in it that for him, writing a short book is harder than writing a long one. Google Seth Godin and you will learn a lot about him because he is pretty visible. I think he is a smart guy with some great ideas.

"The Dip" is the point in a project or career or season or campaign or other endeavor where the going gets tough. Often the advise at times like this is to stick it out. While often this is a good idea, sometimes persevering means mediocrity or even disaster.

This book explores this and discusses how to recognize when keep going (and why the dip can be your friend and when to quit in order to devote time and energy to more productive pursuits.

The Dip gives a lot for the time expended to read it.

Highly recommended.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I have a work computer and a home computer, using the work computer every weekday at least and the home computer almost every day. I am just the kind of person that would benefit from a website like, which I learned about from

I tried it. It is great. I use it all of the time for work and personal "To Do" list items. The items can be arranged by relative importance and also by date. I can also tag them with labels, pick a location if I want, assign a time estimate and write a little notes if needed.

Tickler Files = 43 Folders

I started using tickler files after reading Getting Things Done several years ago. Actually, I did it before reading the book - I read a couple of articles of his on

A tickler file system has 31 folders (for days of the month), plus 12 folders for months of the year. That is where the popular GTD blog 43 Folders get's it's name. You can find a post on 43 Folders about the 43 folders here.

Using a tickler file has freed me enormously because once filed, I no longer have to think about the item until I need to.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Simple Truth of Service

Anyone who is in any way involved in customer service should see this.

(Thanks to CustomerAreAlways)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Customer Satisfaction Is Worthless, Customer Loyalty Is Priceless by Jeffrey Gitomer

A few years ago everyone in my department received a copy of this book. I read it and it really had an impact. Gitomer is a sales trainer, but he has keen insights on what good customer service is and why it is so very important. The book comes with little cards that have some of his quotes and lists (lots of each). I usually keep one posted in a frame on my desk, switching them out from time to time.

I don't collect books about customer service. I do it for a living and think most books on the subject are not worth owning. This one is a keeper.

If you go to you will see more details about this book and more reasons why to get it.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

What's New

Well, not posting (at least not yet). However, I did add my tagroll (which I may add or change from time to time) and noteworthy blogging (which I add to often).