Sunday, April 13, 2008 & Me - A Horror Story

I ordered a couple of GPS units from I was given the tracking number once the order shipped so I could check on it. A good thing, but not unusual. I had to check again on the shipment because it did not deliver when I expected it do based on when it arrived in NJ. I found that it was "unable to deliver" on I called and found it was damaged in transit.

I called The first CSR to help me had difficulty understanding my problem. She also became annoyed when I told her why she did not understand. She thought I had received the order and found it to be damaged when it had never delivered. She put me on hold and left me there.

I called back and got "Ralph". He was a lot friendlier and tried to help me. He verified what I told him about the shipment. However, they could not send replacements. I would have to enter a new order and my first order would not be credited until they received the damaged package back from FedEx. I asked him to request a credit for me and he did. I got a reference number and that was it for the call.

The next day I called back and got a CSR with no personality. He reiterated their policy of not crediting until the damaged package was received back from FedEx. I warned him that I would dispute the charge. That did not seem to bother him. I decided it was pointless to continue with

Yesterday I called my credit card company and disputed the charge. It went well because I had all of the details they needed. Problem solved.

I still wanted the GPS units. I found they were sold by other vendors, including Amazon. That is who I ordered them from.

I would never, ever order anything online from Circuit City again.

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