Sunday, April 13, 2008 & Me

I ordered some items on One of the items was an eyelid scrub. Of the two versions available, I purchased the more expensive one. I received my order and found that I had received the less expensive version.

Call 1#: I explained my issue to someone who was having trouble understanding it and also having trouble confirming on her end that there were two versions of the product. I was placed on hold for several minutes. At that point, I gave up and called again.

Call 2#: I tried again and had the same difficulty, but this time I was at my computer and found that depending on what search terms were used on, you may not get both products on the query or may get one on the 2nd page of the results. I found out what the best search term was and gave it to the CSR helping me. So far, so good. I was due a credit of less than $10 because I intended to keep what I receive. The CSR had to put me on hold to get permission from her supervisor to make the credit.

My experience overall here was mixed. The CSR's did try to help me. The first one had be on hold, I believe, because she was trying to find both products on their website. I think that they could have been better trained and with that a bit more empowered. I was surprised that my small credit needed supervisory approval.

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